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Frequently Asked Questions

Our family values honesty, integrity, and hard-work. We treat your home like our home.

Do I Need an Architect for My Renovation?

Most kitchen designs, in an existing space, will not require an architect. The cabinet company will typically provide the blueprints needed for the design.  However, if you plan on moving walls, adding windows, or significantly altering the space, or if you plan on adding on to the home you will need one. 

I prefer to work with trusted partners and I highly recommend  We work together seamlessly which is means your project runs more smoothly from design through completion.

Do I Need an Interior Designer for My Home?

It depends. If you have a very specific vision for your project, or if you don’t know where to start, an Interior Designer can help you to build a cohesive and attractive design. But if you are going for a “feel” based on websites like Houzz and Pinterest, I am happy to work with you to create something similar.

There are a lot of decisions to be made from fixture selection to paint and grout color; from flooring to the hand towels. Just show me a picture or two of your dream kitchen, bath, or interior and together we will decide if we need a designer to get involved. I am a straght-shooter and realistic with what we can accomplish with or without a designer

Do I Need a Permit for My Renovation?

Nearly every NJ home renovation project requires a permit. Don’t let any contractor tell you otherwise. Would you trust an attorney who didn’t pass the Barr? Would you buy a used car without a title? Subpar contractors work without permits when they are unlicensed, unqualified, or lazy. AND if that is how they start the job, just imagine what corners they’ll cut while doing it.

Why Aren’t You on Angie’s List?

I would not say that services like Angie’s list are necessarily a bad thing. Reviews are a great way to judge my work. If you would like references, I am happy to put you in touch with my clients. Services like Angie’s list cost you in two ways. First, you have to pay for the service and then you have to pay more for the job because being on their list costs the contractor…a lot. 

How Long Will My Home Renovation Take?

Each project has a unique timeline, which we will discuss in detail before I begin your project. However, you can plan on a timeline similar to these:

  • A permitted bathroom will take between 6-8 weeks. 
  • A permitted Kitchen will take between 6-8 weeks. 
  • A multi-room interior renovation will take 8-12 weeks. 
  • Additions usually take 4-6 months, depending on the complexity of the design.

Please note that these timelines are from the day we begin construction on your home.  Planning and permit approvals require additional time prior to our work.

How Can They Do a Remodel So Quickly on TV?

Project timelines on home renovation TV shows are not realistic. After the host gets done drawing plans on a napkin and swinging a giant hammer for ten minutes they send in fleets of professionals to do the job. The plans were approved weeks before the cameras started rolling and code officials are on-site to approve things as they happen

In the real world, planning, constructions, and inspections take time. But all good things take time.

Also, don’t be fooled by the unrealistic budgets of home improvement entertainment. Companies pay BIG money to be featured on these shows so, of course, they show rock-bottom prices to entice you to buy from them.

Do You Remodel and Renovate for House Flips?

Yes. However, I suggest that we discuss your ideas together with a realtor BEFORE you commit to a project. I am happy to help you make money, as long as it makes sense for us both.

How Much is My Home Remodel or Renovation Going to Cost?

That’s a GREAT question! There are many variables that can affect the price. Click on the button below to tell me a little about your project. I (Jon, the Owner) will personally call you to set up a time to meet and discuss your project. I am happy to provide you with a written quote and a complete scope of work, so you know EXACTLY what you are paying for.

Ready to Start?

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